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June 2011

First Things First... The Budget

Before you start the guest list, before you go dress shopping, before ANYTHING you need to sit down and determine a rough budget for your event.  How much money you have to spend determines where you will hold your event, what you and your guests will be eating and drinking, what photo package to go with, even what kind of entertainment you will be  listening and dancing to.
What you want and what you can afford are part of Life's hard facts and special events are no exception.   Having a good idea of your estimated budget beforehand can arm you from being disheartened and overwhelmed when you start calling for quotes or your Event/Wedding Planner gives you an estimated budget as a guide.  It will also let you know your vendor is quoting you a good price and when you are getting a once-in-a-lifetime fantastic deal!!
Please check out the new page I added to my website... Determining Your Budget... to see a basic Budget Formula.

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