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May 2011

Importance of Timelines

Logged onto the ABC teleconference call tonight and wanted to share some of the highlights that were covered.
The timeline is a very important planning tool not only for your Consultant, but also for the wedding party and your vendors.  It allows everyone to know when things are supposed to happen.... your vendors, you and your wedding party will all be on the same page making the day run much more smoothly.  Timelines can also help keep your budget under control by knowing how long you may need a certain vendor to be of service at your event.  It can also help you be aware of the reality of logistics... being able to stay on schedule means looking at realistic time estimates. A Consultant will use a very detailed timeline so they have the tiniest detail covered, whereas they may provide the wedding party and vendors a more abridged version that pertains to events specific to their roles. 
If you are a DIY bride and making your own timeline, make sure it is detailed as possible and distribute to all your wedding party and vendors, and keep extras.  There are 3 sections to be covered, pre-ceremony, ceremony, and post ceremony/reception.  Be specific of the who, what, where and when.  Who needs to be where doing what when.  Timelines should be given to vendors one week prior in case corrections need to be made and wedding party members can receive their copy during rehearsal...making sure to have spare copies available the day-of. 
If designing your own timeline seems too overwhelming or time-consuming call RSVP Event Planning by Kathy and we can do that task for you.  Wedding Consultants can help with one piece of your day or the entire planning process from beginning to end.  Call (417) 869-RSVP today  to schedule your 45-minute complimentary, no-obligation informational meeting.

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